Here’s a link to 101 Photoshop Tutorials – LINK


WCPG Member Bas Montgomery has created a number of tutorials on the subject of Photoshop Layers, which can all be viewed on You Tube.

Tutorial #1 – Layers Basics 

Covers opening a new layer, drawing on a layer, visibility button, opacity bar, deleting layers, cloning on a layer, saving files and closing a file with layers.   


Tutorial #2 – Adjustment Layers 

Includes – adjustment layers menu, curves layer, flexibility of layers, increasing contrast with curves, multiple layers, black and white adjustment layers, changing tones with black and white adjustment layer, global adjustments and disabling layer masks.

Tutorial #3 – Local Adjustments

Local adjustments with layers masks, default layer mask, “white reveals black conceals”, using the brush tool with a layer mask, changing foreground and background to adapt a mask, multiple black and white layers, disabling layer masks. 

Tutorial #4 – Layer Masks

Changing the default layer mask, using black mask, dodging and burning with curves adjustment layer, darkening parts of an image, hanging foreground and background, lightening parts of an image, fine tuning changes in tone.   

Tutorial #5 – Layers and Filters

Using layer with filters, copying background layer, blurring parts of an image, changing title of a layer, using layer mask with a copy background layer, increasing the size of the brush, masking off parts of the blurring. 

Tutorial #6 – Blending Modes

Blending modes menu, scrolling through blending modes, darkening edges with the multiply blending mode and gradient tool, foreground and background explanation, copying a mask. 

Tutorial #7 – Dodge and Burn

Using curves adjustment layer to darkennbright areas, using a layer overlay blending mode to darken and lighten parts of an image, hue and saturation adjustment layer, copying a mask. 


Tutorial #8 – Grouping, Saving and Sharpening

Changing the title layer, grouping layers, saving an image with layers intact, flattening layers, sharpening using the Pixel Genius plug-in, creative sharpening with layer masks and closing files.